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Lighting with a sense of tact

Electric light can influence the diurnal rhythm and have negative effects on personal health. This new lamp by Kiën will allow to better adjust the light to individual needs.

The invention of electric light has made humans extensively independent of daytimes and seasons. This has been a vital development for modern life, which has contributed to greater productivity, flexibility and safety. In case of a blackout, the advantages of electric light become clear quickly.

When night turns into day

Yet especially in bigger cities, electric light is also increasingly becoming a strain for people. Light pollution disturbs people’s circadian rhythm and disguises the stars behind a gray haze. However, not only its brightness poses a problem. Especially the glaring, bluish white color of many electric lights turns night into day indeed.

The bluish light suppresses the release of melatonin in the human brain. Normally, the endogenous hormone is responsible for the feeling of tiredness when darkness sets in. The wrong source of light can thus confuse our diurnal rhythm and cause sleep disturbances. Over time, this issue can result in elevated stress levels and jeopardize personal health as this paper by researcher Stephen Pauley shows. Likewise, research addressing the design of airplane cabins has shown that people feel more awake and able to focus in bluish rather than yellowish light.

LICHT 1 by Kiën can create different light colors.

LICHT 1 by Kiën can create different light colors.

Light culture for your home

A good reason to introduce a little more lighting culture to one’s own home. With its new brand Kiën, the Berlin startup Sygns is working on a new lamp that can be adjusted to the diurnal rhythm of its user. The lamp is planned to debut in summer 2017 and is called LICHT 1. Its special feature is that it can simulate the color range of natural sunlight, which is more yellowish in the morning and in the evening. During day, in turn, natural light contains more bluish parts.

The light by Kiën is available with a case of wood, concrete or metal.

The light by Kiën is available with a case of wood, concrete or metal.

The light of the stylish LED lamp can be controlled with a smartphone app. During the day, a cool light color can be used to better concentrate at work. A warmer hue in turn can create a relaxing atmosphere at night. Different light settings can also be saved with the app in order to access them automatically later on. This way, LICHT 1 can also be used as an alarm in the morning.

A convincing concept

There are certainly many other LED lamps that can create light of different colors. Many of them allow to bath one’s own apartment in the light of a gas station or brothel in no time. Compared with these products, LICHT 1 is pleasantly mature and more appropriate for daily use. The case is made of wood, concrete or metal and produced in Germany. Its design is a modern interpretation of the neon tubes from the 80s. The LED lights can easily be exchanged in case they brake. Kiën automatically tracks the light quality of the lamp and contacts customers if it needs to be replaced.

The LED light is produced in Germany with local resources.

The LED light is produced in Germany with local resources.

LICHT 1 is only the beginning for Kiën. Additional models such as a table lamp and a floor lamp are planned, too. With that, there shouldn’t be too many excuses to have inappropriate lighting at home any more.

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