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Put your design in motion

What is exciting about our environment is that it constantly moves and changes. The same applies to digital worlds. Purposeful animation of software and websites can significantly improve their user experience.

Architecture by trial and error

Building prototypes for architectural and urban projects is relatively uncommon. New technologies might soon change the usual procedure.

Time is a sensation

The perception of time is subjective. Good design is able to influence it in the right way.


Our environment has a deep impact on us. It determines what we can do, what we think and how we feel. When it comes to designing graphics, products, rooms and cities, psychology therefore plays an important part. Farbentaucher is a blog founded in 2016, which discusses design and architecture from a psychological perspective.

In the category Theories, we present classical and current psychological research that is closely linked to design and architecture. In Discoveries we talk about places and objects that are characterized by outstanding design or pioneering architecture. Methods aims at professionals, who are interested in innovative approaches and tools that help them better incorporate aspects of psychology in their work.

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